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You've probably reached this site through an old link in one of the SALAD products, or an old document, or an old link on a partner site or search engine.  

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Why is this no longer the official SALAD website?

Why did we change ?  A number of factors went into deciding that we could serve clients better with a new domain :

  1. Partially we wanted to shake things up in a way that a nice make-over of graphics or style would not achieve
  2. Partially we wanted to correct a mistake in the domain name : for a business specialising in discovering and fulfilling innate talents, the last thing we wanted was to refer to limitations or any kind
  3. Partially we wanted to signal a change in direction and values, but it would be inappropriate to spend much time on that here - you can check it all out over at the new official website


What's the point of NLP?

  • Get more of what you want in life, less of what you don't
  • Better career
  • Better relationships
  • Better understanding of yourself and others
  • More real happiness
  • Help others get the same

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